Playing Poker with a Real Pokerface

Poker is played with a straight, no reaction face, thus, ‘poker face’ is coined. This is by showing no reaction while playing the game, which results to bluffing rather that being bluffed. There are things to watch for when playing, there are tilts and ‘tells’ by reading hands and situations. This would require a little skill and a lot of practice unlike online poker, where you cannot see your opponent.

Tilts or ‘in a tilt’ is when players make a mistake or a series of mistakes because they are ‘emotionally’ upset. This is usually manifested in a series of actions like betting with weaker hands. This is usually after a series of bad beats. Tilts are normally apparent in game decisions.

Tells is much like tilts, this is just a bit more physical. Usually ‘tells’ are observed in the hands. Players react differently, when they have strong cards or when they are bluffing. Take, for example, a player may hold strong cards using their left hand, but a weaker card by the right. Some players’ hands also shake when they are bluffing (or otherwise).There are players with weak cards who try to make others quit by having an aggressive attitude and a projection of confidence to make their opponents think that they have strong cards at hand. There are also some other body reactions that should be observed like, biting the lips, touching the other hand or hair, breathing heavily or just about any reactions that are consistently shown during the same (card) situation.

Reading tilts and tells may be hard, but it takes a lot of patience and practice. This ‘signs’ are usually read within two to three rounds of playing with the same opponents. It would also be helpful if you observe each player even if you are not playing, this is very useful when you would be faced with the same players. Some players would also ask advice from veterans players, regarding usual manners of others in the table.

While you are reading tilts and tells, others are reading yours also. So in order to win, remember to also keep track of your manners. There may be some body movements that gives you entirely away. Make sure that you hold the cards in the same hands, whether it is strong or weak. Keep your hands from shaking either from excitement from strong cards or alarm of weaker ones. These will keep your opponents out of reading your cards.

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