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Supply Chain Optimization

Whether you are a regional vendor or a global enterprise, on-time, accurate delivery gives you an advantage in today’s competitive business landscape. Your supply chain is the engine that fuels profitability and growth, yet many companies struggle to manage its size, scope or staffing. Some of the common reasons clients turn to RKL for help with their supply chains include:

  • Increased demand impacting response time and accuracy
  • Purchasing processes are fragmented and siloed
  • Difficulty maintaining inventory levels
  • Managing inventory, fulfillment and procurement across multiple locations

At RKL, we help business leaders assess and optimize supply chains and develop sustainable solutions to right-size inventory, streamline operations, drive down costs and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

The RKL Approach to Supply Chain Optimization

  • Align

    To create a sustainable and strategic supply chain, we start by taking a deep dive into your operations to align with your business goals, logistical demands and customer needs. Together, we’ll turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

  • Learn

    We visit sites and warehouses to get familiar with current inventory and delivery processes. We interview key team members for first-hand perspective on what’s working and what’s not and obtain buy-in from necessary stakeholders.

  • Execute

    We work in tandem with your team to map processes from customer order to delivery, identifying risks or emerging issues along the way. To monitor progress, we develop and implement a real-time dashboard of key performance metrics.

RKL Supply Chain Optimization:
Real Results for You

  • More effective supply chain management
  • Lower supply chain costs
  • More accurate inventory levels
  • Lower inventory and procurement costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased agility to address issues

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